We went to see Complicite‘s ‘A Disappearing Number’ at the Barbican this evening.  One of the central themes is mathematics, and I was reminded how much I loved math when I was a kid.  It really is an art when it’s done for the theory and the pleasure of it.  Most kids I knew hated math and only did it when forced to (and not even then).  I read books about math for fun – there was a brilliant one called ‘The I Hate Mathematics Book’ which I read again a few years ago and it was just as good.  The performance this evening reminded me that there is a lot of beauty everywhere, in numbers as well as in things.  Don’t craftspeople create beautiful patterns?  Doesn’t nature work on a mathematical basis?  Working with mathematical principles in order to arrive at a perfectly crafted piece is probably something some craftspeople do without even realizing it.  I’ll be on the lookout for it more from now on.