We got a tiny, beautiful pumpkin in our Abel and Cole box this week – perfect size for a batch of pumpkin ginger muffins, which I’ll be making tomorrow.  In the meantime, though, here is my 2009 pumpkin carving effort.  I had just visited the V&A’s Maharajas exhibition so I had ideas for an Indian filigree design (see last year’s post where I did a V&A-inspired lion rampant guardant), but I think it ended up looking more like a scalloped lacy doily, sort of Cinderella-pumpkin-style.  I’m pretty happy with it, though.  This year I used a linocutter instead of my jewellery equipment and it was less messy and easier to cut.


Pumpkin with filigree design


Pumpkin with top

From above it kind of looks like Cinderella's carriage