This blog is written by Nadia Arbach.  I’d actually been writing these entries in my head for months before committing any text to the virtual screen, trying to figure out which aspects of art and design I wanted to use as a focus.  I finally decided that I love them all too much to narrow it down, so this blog is inspired by almost every kind of craft.  I love making, looking at, buying, and getting great ideas from people’s creative work.

I also happen to have a job that lets me experience great art and design every day: I’m the Digital Programmes Manager at the V&A, one of the most amazing museums in the world (and one of my favourites since I first visited in 1998).

My own experience with making and designing includes a jewellery business, Nadia Design Studio, which I ran in Canada.  I was about to open a new business, SmaBoutique, here in the UK, which is on hold for now – but that’s where I got the name for this blog.

Please let me know if you’ve found my blog posts enjoyable and useful – and send me your suggestions for future posts.