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Ponoko ornaments - red tint acrylic

Ponoko ornaments - red tint acrylic

I got my Ponoko ornaments in the mail today!  They took less than 3 weeks to be laser-cut and shipped to me.  I’m really happy with them.  The laser engraving has a pretty interesting texture – I thought it would have been smooth, but it’s got little grooves.  The cutting is extremely high quality.  This is one place where machine production is preferable to handmade.

Ponoko allows you to create your designs on pre-sized pieces of acrylic or wood, so I chose the smallest size, about 7×7 inches.  The ornaments took up less than the total space, so I used some of the extra space to create a few ring shapes that I can use for jewellery sometime.  After seeing the remains (they ship the whole piece to you and you just pop out your laser-cut design), I could have used even more of the space for other stuff.  Lesson learned for next time.

The ornaments are already on the tree – I’ll take a picture when it’s finished.


Welcome to my new blog, SmaBoutique – Inspired by Design.  SmaBoutique is the name of my new business.  It’s technically not a business yet, but it will be soon – and I’m planning this blog to go along with it.

My new SmaBoutique will be on Etsy, and on it I’ll be selling handcrafted items – mostly jewellery and small sewn items, but there are many other possibilities that may eventually find their way into my shop.  I’ve been selling jewellery on Etsy as Nadia Design Studio, but that business was registered in Canada and now I’m in the UK, so I’ll need to open a new one over here.

I chose the name SmaBoutique because I make small things, but also because SMA stands for Saturday Morning Activities.  That’s usually the time I’m most likely to be crafting, creating, or planning.

I’m inspired by many other blogs about design and craft that deserve recognition, so I’ll be listing them soon.  Here’s to more art, craft, and design in the world!