Ceramic cup by James and Tilla Waters

Ceramic cup by James and Tilla Waters

I went to Origin – the London Craft Fair at Somerset House yesterday, for the second time in as many weeks.  I knew as soon as I stepped in the door on October 9th that I’d want to come back for the second round of artisans, so I bought the special two-visit ticket, and I’m glad I did.  Yesterday’s visit was every bit as good as the first.  I brought my sister this time and she enjoyed it too.

Walking into a space filled with beautiful work of every description made me feel giddy for the first few minutes; after half an hour I felt glutted with loveliness.  It’s actually quite difficult to look at so much beauty all at once.  My usual method is to walk round the space quickly, making a mental note about what I’d like to go back and look at more thoroughly.  Then I go around again, spending more time touching things and talking with the artisans.  My sister and I both admired a gorgeous hand-woven hemp shawl by Tazuko Saitoh and talked to Eloise Grey about her wonderfully tactile organic Scottish tweed coats.

I came away with some goodies for other people and a cup by James and Tilla Waters for myself.  Its minimalist gray and red design is perfect for calm weekend mornings.

I also got an advance copy of Ruth Singer‘s new book, Sew It Up – a modern manual of practical and decorative sewing techniques.  I’m really looking forward to working with some of the quilting techniques!  The book is published on 30 October.