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Earlier this year I heard about the Sketchbook Project, created by art house co-op, and signed up for it after a brief argument with myself.

Me: But I don’t draw that often, how can I fill a whole sketchbook?

Artist Me: It’s a good way to get to draw more often!  How many markers, pens and coloured pencils do you buy per year and never use?

Me: But I have too many projects already!  What about National Novel Writing Month, which I’d have to do at the same time as the sketching?  And how about the e-course I’m signed up for, The Declaration of You?  Not to mention all my quilting projects!  I need time to do all that!

Artist Me: Come on, you know your best times are spent doing artistic stuff.  Do it do it do it do it.

Me: But what if my drawings are ugly?

Artist Me: No one will see them anyway.  Oh wait, scratch that, your sketchbook will be on tour with everyone else’s sketchbooks and people will be able to request it and read it as it travels through lots of cities in America.  FAME!  Come on!

Me: OK!

And so I signed up and got the beautiful Moleskine notebook in the mail in July: 80 creamy-white pages just waiting to be filled.  And I didn’t draw anything until the 18th of October.

But now that I’ve started, I LOVE it.  It makes me think in a completely different way.  And now I’m thinking of taking an illustration course and exploring it even further.

I’ll be posting lots of my Sketchbook Project drawings on my Flickr page.

Tribal Leaves

Tribal Leaves

Scandinavian Modern Riff

Scandinavian Modern Riff

Lucienne Day Riff

Lucienne Day Riff


Last week I walked into the Green and Stone art shop in King’s Road and proceeded to blow my budget on art materials.  Looking at everything all together made me nearly hyperventilate.  I wanted it all!  What I actually bought, besides some collage glue and various other sticky items, was an art journal.  I just felt like it, and I’d been reading Danny Gregory and I remembered how I used to randomly draw stuff and how I never did that any more.  It’s quite a small and unintimidating size.  I’ve done a few pages in it so far with some coloured pens I had, and I feel like I just remembered my love for hand-lettering.  Pictures to follow, once I feel like I’ve done something I want to share.